Myth: The 2016 Election Broke Every Rule of Politics. 
Fact: Hogwash!
Ten Timeless Lessons from the 2016 Election!
Political Expert Jay Townsend Reveals the Untold Lessons Ignored by the Pundits...
  • Why Message ALWAYS Trumps Data-Driven Campaigns.
  • Absent a compelling slogan NOBODY ‘Gets’ your message.
  • Populism is NOT NEW. It's been winning campaigns for a generation. 
  • Why using another candidate’s strategy will be a DISASTER for you.
  • And a lot more ‘TRUTHS’ about political combat you have not and will not hear from the talking heads.
Who is Jay Townsend?
In this free download, Townsend separates fact from fiction about the 2016 election… timeless lessons to help candidates of all persuasions who are running for office, or plan to run some day.

Speechwriter, debate coach, and political strategist, Jay Townsend has worked in more than 300 political campaigns, including four presidential campaigns, scores of U.S. Senate, Gubernatorial and Congressional races, and a myriad of County Executive, Mayoral, legislative and judicial contests.

Townsend has received several national awards for his work, including the nation’s best television commercial, the best persuasion mail piece produced for a Presidential campaign, and the nation’s best newspaper ad.

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